Shrink Fibroids Naturally Using Herbs

Fibroids are muscular masses found in the uterus. These fibroids should be taken care of at the early stages or they may turn defective, causing severe pain. Fibroids have become a common disorder in many pregnant women above the age of 30. It is more common in African-American women, who develop fibroids earlier than their counterparts of other races.


Such a common disorder can be taken care of with both natural methods as well as with the use of medications. The natural and medication methods – as opposed to removing the fibroids as well as the entire uterus – aim to reduce the effects of the fibroids or at least try to shrink the growths. With natural treatments, the fibroids cannot be totally or instantly removed; they are merely shrunk, in the hopes that they would eventually disappear when their source of nourishment is cut off.

Shrink fibroids with herbs:

Shrinking uterine fibroids is possible by reducing the estrogen levels that encourage their growth. Herbs used for treating fibroids are capable of providing this effect on the estrogen secretors. Dried chaste tree extract is said to have the effect of increasing the secretion of the hormone progesterone. This increase in the hormone can counterattack the effects of estrogen. This helps maintains a good balance of the hormones in the body, specifically at the time of pregnancy. Grapeseed extracts are also said to have some effect of reducing estrogen levels. Aside from these herbs, you can also make use of some supplements such as omega-3, L-arginine, and others that are known to reduce estrogen secretions.

Diet to shrink fibroids:

Fibroids can also be shrunk by consuming the right types of food. This is because what we consume significantly affects our health condition. By the same logic, you should also plan a diet that is programmed to shrink fibroids naturally.

Diets for shrinking fibroids involve reducing the amount of ham and red meat in your regular plan. These food varieties are responsible for increasing estrogen levels. Green vegetables have a lot of benefits – they can protect you from getting fibroids and are helpful in the prevention of many other health disorders. Vegetables that are effective against fibroids include lettuce, broccoli, green beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and more. Reducing weight and increasing the fibre content in your diet are other essential steps you can take when trying to shrink fibroids.

Exercises that can shrink fibroids:

There are some exercises that can effectively reduce the size of fibroids in the uterus. The commonly recommended types of exercises for shrinking fibroids are aerobic exercises, yoga, strength training, and belly dancing. Belly dancing tones the pelvic region. which is essential when treating the fibroids that are present in the uterus. Yoga has no side effects, keeping your body fit and healthy. Aerobic and strength training for women are focused on reducing weight, and the less obese a person is, the less her chances of suffering from fibroids.


Acupuncture is a natural treatment that has cured many human health conditions. If you think that this treatment process is nothing but hocus-pocus, think again. There are now even practitioners of acupuncture that are certified and are issued licenses. In acupuncture, the pressure points connected to a certain disorder is hit, thereby delivering cure. This treatment has no side effects if done perfectly by professionals. There is no harm in trying the natural ways to shrink uterine fibroids.

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