How To Use Serrapeptase For Treating Fibroids

Serrapeptase is an enzyme administered to treat fibroids. It is not like other drugs used for treating fibroids that act on the estrogen secretions, thereby achieving the desired reduction in the size of the fibroids. Serrapeptase is extracted from a natural microorganism present in silkworms. This enzyme extract, which is of the proteolytic type, is not in use all over the world. It was first used in Japan and became popular in the U.S. during the 1990s. The use of this particular enzyme is proven effective in treating most conditions of fibroids in the uterus. As it is merely a supplement, it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Serrapeptase For Fibroids

Serrapeptase For Fibroids

Anti-Inflammatory Effects That Shrink Fibroids:

Our body has to be able to respond properly against inflammations. If our bodies were constantly in perfect conditions, then there is no need to find an alternative treatment for inflammations, including fibroids. However, due to the increase in the levels of certain hormones, the body balance is disturbed, and as a result, fibroids and other inflammations occur.

The excessive secretion of hormones and the presence of foreign bodies causing inflammation need to be eliminated. Cleansing is a good method of providing this effect. Proteolytic enzymes can also easily break down protein and tissues. Thus, fibroids are easily acted upon by serrapeptase, an enzyme that attacks “dead” material such as fibroid and scar tissue. Fibroid cells expand until they turn into a rubbery mass. Serrapeptase acts on this mass and breaks it down, thus preventing its proliferation.

How To Use Serrapeptase:

Protein can be broken down very easily with the help of serrapeptase, and so the use of this enzyme has to only be in calculated amounts. This enzyme comes in the form of pills and it has to be taken once or twice in a day, and not more. The pills come in 5-mg or 10-mg pills. You only need to take up to 10 mg daily, so if the pills are in 5-mg doses, take one pill with a glass of water in the morning and the other night, and always on an empty stomach. Make sure to avoid eating for at least 1 ½ hours after taking this supplement.

Other Benefits Of Serrapeptase: 

Serrapeptase is effective in treating fibroids and has the ability to cure most inflammatory conditions in our bodies. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a few other problems of the throat, nose, and ears can all be treated using serrapeptase. The enzyme should be taken only on advice of a doctor. Never self-medicate, as serrapeptase may have several side effects that are given below.

Side Effects Of Serrapeptase:

The side effects of using serrapeptase include pneumonitis and some allergic reactions of the skin. You also may get stomach upset and nausea right after taking the pill. Minor aches can also accompany these side effects. Always consult your doctor about the treatment duration, as the course varies from one person to another and would depend on the sizes of the fibroids.

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